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We help our clients understand the law governing their case. If you have legal questions about your situation, below are a number of helpful links and resources that we commonly recommend to our clients. Please feel free to bookmark this page as you research solutions to resolve your legal issue.

Active Warrant Search

Search for Florida arrest warrants.
Find out if have active warrants by using this handy Florida Warrant Search. Out of state warrants, Federal warrants, and warrants resulting from active law enforcement investigations will not appear in this search.
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Florida Criminal Procedure

Research the laws governing the progression of your case.
There are laws that govern every step of the criminal process, from the arrest to sentencing. Use this link to learn more about Florida criminal procedure.
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Florida Jury Instructions

Learn what a judge will instruct a jury to do after closing arguments.

Before jurors leave the courtroom, the judge instructs them on how to deliberate. Understanding jury instructions helps us create an effective criminal defense.
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Jury Duty Information

What are your obligations if you are called to jury duty?

Serving jury duty is part of living in a civilized society. In fact, many people express a sense of satisfaction once their service is completed. Follow the link below to learn more about jury duty in West Palm Beach.
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Florida Department of Corrections

Florida's largest state agency, and the third largest prison system in the country.
You can use the Florida Department of Corrections website to contact an inmate, file a complaint, search public records and find victim services.
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Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Local criminal justice resources for Palm Beach County.

Here you can search for inmates, file a police report, request background checks and locate sexual offenders in your area. The Sheriff's Office also provide crime mapping and crime alerts.
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Palm Beach County Clerk's Office

The gateway to the Palm Beach County justice system.

The Clerk & Comptroller’s office processes, records and files court documents such as traffic tickets, divorce petitions, domestic violence petitions and tenant evictions.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Best attorneys around! From the moment I met Michael I knew I was in good hands. Also the father and son dynamic duo leave no stones unturned. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. They are also highly respected by judges and prosecutors alike! You will not regret hiring this law firm for any of your needs!"

former client

"I am a client of Greg and Mike Salnick. While I dont have any pending matters they are handling for me, it is my belief that once you are a client of these gentleman, you are always their client. They put their heart and soul into representing their clients. These are highly competitive men that find true pleasure in zealously advocating for their clients..."

former client

"I reached out to Salnick Law when I was wrongly criminally charged by my employer. A conviction would have cost me my professional certification along with jail time. Michael and Greg stood by me when I refused to accept any plea deals. We went to trial and with the expertise of Salnick Law I was found NOT GUILTY! Throughout my year and a half ordeal Michael and Greg were available to me at any time of the day or night..."

former client

"Often imitated never duplicated,the Salnick law firm is in a league of their own! Michael and Gregg go above and beyond for there clients.There knowledge of the law and ability to produce exemplary results speaks for itself.Super lawyers is an understatement.If you’re looking for the best,then look no further!"

former client

"My family and I are so grateful for The Salnick Law Firm. Michael and Greg treated me as if I was family. They believed in me at a time when I felt like the world was against me. Because of Salnick Law Firm I have my life back. Their expertise in criminal law gave me my freedom. I thought to be home with my family and free to travel was only a dream but it is reality! Thank you!"

former client

"Greg Salnick is a fantastic attorney. I am grateful for the care and time he put into my brother’s case. Greg was professional, knowledgeable, and accessible. Greg explained every step in the legal process, and we were thrilled with the outcome."

former client

"Greg Salnick is not just a great lawyer but a solid human being. He made sure that our entire family was kept apprised every step of the way and generally cared for the well-being of us all. Criminal cases are hard enough but with Greg in your corner you are getting the best hands down."

former client

"Greg Salnick is Harvey Spector from the show suits lol all jokes aside he is the best lawyer I could ask for and Greg will do the best he can always for you and to make you feel like your not just another case"

former client

"Could not ask for a better lawyer then Greg, was looking at life in prison but he was able to prove my innocence. He has helped many of my friends as well. Trust me I wouldn’t put my life in anyone else’s hands other then Gregs."

former client

"This Law firm deserves an additional 100 stars ⭐. I'm so pleased with the level of care and time Attorney Michael Salnick put into my brother's case. He did it with passion, love, and honesty. If you need a criminal defense attorney, look no further. Highly recommended! Best attorney ever! His reputation and results are impeccable!"

former client

"Greg Salnick is a fantastic trial attorney, a dedicated professional, and has the utmost integrity. He is someone I trust implicitly to refer my clients to, and is an excellent choice when deciding on an attorney to handle your criminal matter."

former client

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