Helpful Information about Criminal law

We help our clients understand the law governing their case. If you have legal questions about your situation, below are a number of helpful links and resources that we commonly recommend to our clients. Please feel free to bookmark this page as you research solutions to resolve your legal issue.

Active Warrant Search
Search for Florida arrest warrants.

Find out if have active warrants by using this handy Florida Warrant Search. Out of state warrants, Federal warrants, and warrants resulting from active law enforcement investigations will not appear in this search.

Florida Criminal Procedure
Research the laws governing the progression of your case.

There are laws that govern every step of the criminal process, from the arrest to sentencing. Use this link to learn more about Florida criminal procedure.

Florida Jury Instructions
Learn what a judge will instruct a jury to do after closing arguments.

Before jurors leave the courtroom, the judge instructs them on how to deliberate. Understanding jury instructions helps us create an effective criminal defense.

Jury Duty Information
What are your obligations if you are called to jury duty?

Serving jury duty is part of living in a civilized society. In fact, many people express a sense of satisfaction once their service is completed. Follow the link below to learn more about jury duty in West Palm Beach.

Florida Department of Corrections
Florida's largest state agency, and the third largest prison system in the country.

You can use the Florida Department of Corrections website to contact an inmate, file a complaint, search public records and find victim services.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Local criminal justice resources for Palm Beach County.

Here you can search for inmates, file a police report, request background checks and locate sexual offenders in your area. The Sheriff's Office also provide crime mapping and crime alerts.

Palm Beach County Clerk's Office
The gateway to the Palm Beach County justice system.

The Clerk & Comptroller’s office processes, records and files court documents such as traffic tickets, divorce petitions, domestic violence petitions and tenant evictions.