5 Reasons Why You Should Always Fight Your DUI Charge

Gregory Salnick
July 8, 2022

If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI in West Palm Beach, FL. It is in your best interest to hire an experienced West Palm Beach DUI attorney to fight for your rights.

For most people, pleading guilty to Driving Under Influence (DUI) charges may be the easiest thing to do after an arrest. Although doing this might seem like the only thing you can do for a quick resolution, accepting a guilty plea arrangement without even weighing the chances of launching a defense can affect your life for years. 

The best DUI attorney knows that every case has a chance of defense, even when the evidence suggests otherwise. So the best way to ensure a fair fight is to get in touch with a West Palm Beach DUI attorney

According to the Law Offices of Salnick & Fuchs, these are all things that might help with your defense against a DUI charge: 

Police Misconduct:

Victims of police misconduct might have a substantial defense against their DUI charges. Police misconducts are actions or activities that break police protocol during law enforcement, including police brutality, theft, suppressing evidence, and coerced confessions. If you are a victim of police brutality or other misconduct, this can give your lawyer a ground to build a strong defense against your case.

Field Sobriety Tests are not Necessarily Accurate:

Field sobriety tests do not always provide reliable results when testing for drug impairments. Recent studies have revealed that these tests are only up to 77 percent accurate. Intimidation from the arresting agency, poor lighting, bad weather conditions, or uneven surfaces can sometimes create a scenario that the arresting agency believes indicates an impairment. As a rule of thumb, field sobriety tests should follow a strict procedure, and any violation of laws can be grounds for questioning evidence from the tests.

Constitutional Violations:

Under the United States Constitution, it is illegal for law enforcement officers to use excessive force or infringe the civil rights of people during law enforcement. Sometimes, the arresting agency may misuse their powers or rob the suspects of their rights not to answer questions. The court can dismiss the evidence provided by the prosecution if there is enough evidence that you were a victim of false arrest, unlawful detention, or other civil rights violations.

Lack Of Probable Cause To Make The Arrest:

The case might be dismissed if the arresting officer lacked reasonable cause to pull you over, arrest, or detain you for DUI. Police in West Palm Beach and across Florida must have probable cause that you are under the influence of alcohol before they can pull you over.

Unreliable Breath Tests: 

DUI enforcement officers in Florida use breathalyzers to check the alcohol content in the blood. Unfortunately, several studies show that many of these tools are unreliable. In addition, some manufacturers overlook the devices’ programming or internal flaws, causing accuracy issues.

Contact A Skilled West Palm Beach DUI Attorney For Help

If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI in West Palm Beach, FL. It is in your best interest to hire an experienced West Palm Beach DUI attorney to fight for your rights. Contact West Palm Beach DUI attorney Michael Salnick at The Law Offices of Salnick & Fuchs for consultation.

Gregory Salnick

Mr. Salnick is a Florida Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Law. He began his legal career at the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office where he prosecuted over 90 jury trials, ranging from DUI to murder, armed robbery and drug trafficking. Mr. Salnick quickly gained a reputation as a tenacious and ethical attorney at law. Mr. Salnick now serves as state and federal criminal defense attorney at Salnick & Fuchs, P. A.

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