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Criminal Appeals and Post Conviction Relief

Court of Criminal Appeals

Post Conviction Relief is available through the Court of Criminal Appeals. Hope does not have to be lost after a wrongful conviction. If you act quickly, you may be in time to appeal and save your criminal case.

At The Law Offices of Salnick & Fuchs, P.A. our criminal defense law firm also deals with criminal appeals and post conviction matters. If you think you or a loved one has been wrongfully convicted or were the victim of incompetent representation, our firm will fight to get you the justice you deserve.

In Florida there are legal options for attacking a case post conviction. Here at The Law Offices of Salnick & Fuchs, P.A. our criminal defense team has a long history of dealing with the court of criminal appeals and wrongful convictions. We receive many cases where negligent or incompetent legal representation has resulted in an unjust conviction. We act fast on post conviction cases and criminal appeals, making sure none of our clients are unfairly convicted.

Post Conviction Relief Practice Areas

Record Expungement
Early Termination of Probation & Probation Modification
Violation of Probation

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Court of Criminal Appeals

If you feel you are in need of an criminal defense attorney for post conviction relief representation, then time is of the essence. Florida has deadlines for filing these criminal appeals cases. Do not take the risk of waiting with inadequate representation; the window to act may be rapidly closing. Call us today for a free legal consultation in regards to the court of criminal appeals.

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