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State Assistant State Attorneys in communities throughout Florida are under heavy pressure to press hard to convict people charged with sex crimes and sex offenses, particularly if the accusation relates to sex crimes against children. If you are under investigation or have already been charged, you not only face harsh criminal penalties, but you can also be placed on the state’s sex offender registry and face a ruined reputation for the remainder of your life.

As soon as you know you are under investigation or face possible charges for sex crimes or sex offenses in Florida, make sure you get the right criminal defense lawyers protecting your rights. Call the criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Salnick & Fuchs, P.A., in West Palm Beach. Our law firm works as a team, bringing together decades of criminal law experience and unique professional backgrounds to offer our clients the most effective defense available.

Sex Offenses Legal Representation

Aggravated sexual assault, sexual battery
Sexual assault of a minor, crimes against children
Prostitution or solicitation of a prostitute
Sex crimes against children
Internet sex crimes, chat room offenses
Child pornography and aggravated child pornography (state and federal)

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If you are facing charges for sex offenses or sex crimes call the Law Offices of Salnick & Fuchs, P.A to schedule a free legal consultation today at 561-471-1000. You will be able to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer at our law firm. We can also be reached by cell phone at 561-252-4486, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Do not wait to call, sex crimes are very serious felony charges.

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Sex Crimes Against Children

Sex crimes against children are considered to be the most heinous crimes in our society. Communities get into an uproar at the mere thought of a sexual predator on the streets. Because of the seriousness of the offense, merely accusing a person of sexual abuse of a child can result in that person losing custody of a child. It is a common tactic between fighting spouses in a contested divorce and it can ruin a person’s reputation forever.

Call us first if you have been accused of any sex offense against a child such as (but not limited to) :

False allegations
Child sexual abuse
Child pornography
Sexual assault of a minor
Internet sex crimes such as, website chat room solicitation of a minor

If you have been charged with sex crimes against children anywhere in Florida, you have your entire future and reputation at stake. Call the Law Offices of Salnick & Fuchs, P.A., in West Palm Beach. The Florida Board of Legal Specialization has certified Michael Salnick as a criminal trial law specialist. He also has earned the highest AV Preeminent* peer review rating for ethical standards and legal ability. Firm partner Jack Fuchs is a former prosecutor. Of counsel attorney Lisa Viscome is a former prosecutor who served as Assistant State Attorney for West Palm Beach for more than a decade, where she focused much of her work on prosecuting sex offenders. Attorney Gregory Salnick has practiced on both sides of the courtroom for 4 ½ years as a prosecutor with over 90 jury trial in cases ranging from DUI to homicide, and as a defense lawyer in state and federal courts throughout the state. He has gained a reputation as a tenacious, well respected, ethical and hard working criminal defense lawyer.

Sex Offenses Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Salnick & Fuchs, P.A. we believe that responsive communication is key to a successful case outcome. We make ourselves available to meet with clients at any time and you will be provided a personal email address and 24-hour cell number to reach your lawyer throughout your case. We never forget that your future and your reputation are on the line. You can trust us for aggressively representing you with discretion and dignity. We will never judge you for the charges against you, and we do everything we can to make sure your case stays out of the public eye. Our strategy is to always fight to get your sex crimes charges dismissed or reduced to a nonsex offender offense. We have earned a reputation for integrity and work with prosecutors to attempt to find options that will help you avoid the harsh penalties that can result from a conviction.

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