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If an individual takes money or property from another person, he could be charged with robbery or armed robbery, both of which are serious crimes in Florida that carry severe penalties.

Robbery is defined in §812.13 of the Florida Statutes as the taking of money or other property from another person, with the intent to permanently or temporarily deprive that person of the money or property, and using force, violence, assault or fear to do so. If a weapon is involved, the robbery becomes an armed robbery and the consequences become more severe.

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What Is Armed Robbery?

Robbery is the taking of another person’s property, but it is not just that – it also involves the use of violence or fear. Taking it one step further, if a weapon or firearm is used during the commission of the robbery, it becomes an armed robbery and the penalties become even harsher.

There are two types of armed robbery in Florida, depending on the type of weapon that the individual is armed with. The first type is armed robbery with a deadly weapon or a firearm, such as a knife or a gun. The second type is armed robbery without a deadly weapon or a firearm. A robbery committed with an item such as a baseball bat or a tool, like a hammer, which is not normally used as a weapon, would fall under this classification.

Penalties for Armed Robbery in Florida

In Florida, the punishment for robbery depends on whether or not the defendant used or carried with him a weapon during the commission of the crime. Section 812.13 sets forth the following punishments:

Robbery without a firearm or weapon:

Felony in the second degree.

Punishable by up to fifteen years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

Armed robbery with a weapon or with a firearm or deadly weapon:

Felony in the first degree.

Punishable by up to thirty years or life imprisonment and a maximum of $10,000 fine.

Robbery vs. Burglary

Many people confuse robbery with burglary. While the two often occur during the commission of a crime, they are very different charges.

The main differences between the two are that a robbery always includes the presence of a victim and the use of force or intimidation, whereas a burglary does not necessarily include a victim or force. In other words, robbery is the taking of something from a victim, whereas burglary is the entering of a home, business, building or vehicle for the purpose of committing a crime therein. While a theft can occur during a burglary, it does not have to for a burglary to have taken place.

While a theft can occur during a burglary, it does not have to for a burglary to have taken place.

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