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A simple slip of the mind. A moment of bad judgement. A little mistake. Wrong place, wrong time. Probation violation is one of the most common criminal offenses. If you committed probation violation, we can help.

Violation of Probation

What is probation violation?

A defendant can commit violation of probation one of two ways. It is either a substantive violation, which means the accused has been arrested or charged with new criminal offense. Or, it is a technical violation, such as a missed a curfew, a failed a drug test, leaving the state or a failure to pay monetary obligations.

If you violated a probation order, there are a number of conditions and circumstances that may help or hurt your situation. After violating probation, it is often up to the probation officer’s discretion what to do next, but the right lawyer will negotiate your best options.

Consequences of Probation Violation

What happens after a probation violation?

If you violate a felony probation order, the court will issue a no-bond probation violation warrant. This means you will sit in custody until your case is resolved. If your probation is violated, you could be sentenced to the maximum penalty you were facing on the underlying charge.

For example, if you were on probation for a 3rd degree felony such as Possession of Cocaine and you violated by testing positive for cocaine, you can be sentenced up to 5 years in the Department of Corrections, which is the maximum penalty for a 3rd degree felony.

Client Testimonials

"At our meeting, you answered my questions and gave me hope in what was still an uncertain situation.  Many thanks to you and your staff for the kindness and compassion that was shown to me.  I had indeed called on the right defense attorney."

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"He kept me informed, kept it real, and most importantly cared. He was always available by cell or at the office. When I was in jail he came to visit at least once every ten days. At first I thought he was too good to be true but in talking to some of his other clients he is the real deal."

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"Michael Salnick is a force to reckon with in the courtroom. He has the respect of Judges, State Attorneys and police.  I don't believe there is another I would trust. If you value your life and freedom do not hesitate to employ Michael and his team to represent you."

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